Artist Membership

If you’re on stage or backstage making theatre, you’re part of the artistry, and eligible for Individual Artist Membership in the Alliance.

By becoming an Artist Member – for just $75/year – you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of programs and events designed specifically for the state’s community of theatre artists.

Jonathan Wentz, scenic designer talks about why he's joining the New Jersey Theatre Alliance Artist Membership.
Madeline Orton, actress and arts advocate, talks about why she's excited about New Jersey Theatre Alliance Artist Membership.

Current opportunities include

  • Artist Profile Page—you’ll have your own page on the NJTA website. Actors can post pictures and resumes, and designers and technicians can post portfolio highlights
  • Facebook Group—An area where members can post ideas and engage in conversation with colleagues
  • Annual Combined Auditions—Members will be given priority scheduling
  • Designer Showcase—Members will have priority access to this event
  • Artistic Director (and other theatre professional) Roundtables—Opportunities to meet and learn from key players in NJ’s arts community
  • Workshops —With membership input, we’ll offer helpful workshops to enhance your career including The Business of Show, To Be or Not to Be …Equity, and more
  • Stages Festival—Members will have the opportunity to participate in this annual month-long event
  • Additional Affiliation—Affiliate Membership in Fractured Atlas—a national service organization for artists 
  • Ticket Offers—Special offers may be extended by NJTA member theatres
  • Curtain Call —You’ll receive an invitation—and a discount on tickets—to NJTA’s annual event in Octobe

Upcoming events

Access Services - Open captioning
Access Services - Open captioning