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See Professional Theatre, Made in New Jersey!

Survey says..."See Professional Theatre, made in New Jersey!"

Do you remember the first time you sat in a theatre and watched as the house lights began to dim? The excitement when you heard the orchestra play out the first notes of the overture? You’re not alone! For many New Jerseyans, theatre is a part of their lives and one of the reasons they are so grateful to live in the Garden State.

We are proud to unite the 33 professional theatres serving our communities. Earlier this year, our members reached out to some of their patrons to see if they would share their experiences with NJ theatre. The result is a series of moving video testimonials from theatre fans and supporters, just like you.

One of the common themes we found was that of human connection, shared beautifully by Rob, 25, “It’s a lesson in human behavior and it connects everyone in the audience together. For two hours, they’re one.” In this time when you have so many entertainment options, and you can even stream theatre events to your phone, our patrons believe that “It’s so special, the alchemy that happens in a room full of strangers, and a room full of artists.” Is that what brings you back? 

Maybe the reason you love New Jersey theatre is how easy it is to find a theatre nearby. All of the patrons we talked to appreciate the ease of seeing top-quality talent just minutes from their home. With 33 theatres across the state, from Cape May to Hackensack, Alliance member theatres assure that you will save valuable time (and money) by providing local options for live theatre. Patricia, a 59-year-old professional from Jersey City, shares: “I can just kind of sail in, park and go have dinner and see the show.” The arts are big business in NJ, and they support your local restaurants, too! Make an evening of it! Many member theatres have partnerships with local dining spots, and you may be able to catch a discount with your ticket.

Whether it is the accessibility, the diversity of options, the collective joy you get from sharing an experience with a room of strangers, or something else, we are grateful that you are supporting local theatre. If you haven’t visited one of our theatres or it has been a while, what are you waiting for!? Get out there and see professional theatre, made in New Jersey.


This campaign was made possible in part by Investors Bank.