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I Hope I Get It: Combined Auditions 2015 Recap

After seeing 250+ actors over two days, the Alliance is happy to report back on another successful year of combined auditions.  Auditions were held at George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, where about 20 of our member theatres watched a talent pool of actors – Equity one day, non-Equity the other.

Actors like Mitchell Vargas, who is back for his second year see great value in the auditions. “You're getting in front of at least 15 theatres, at once. Especially if you're Non-Equity/EMC, this is incredible. No waiting and you're granted a pretty generous amount of time to put something on its feet that could potentially appeal to several suitors. It's like killing 15 birds with 1 stone,” says Vargas.

And with that, he has found work. “I was fortunate enough to generate a nice response my first time around in 2014. This yielded several auditions, and in turn, thankfully, some jobs. I was able to build up my resume quite a bit since last August. You also get jobs from jobs. The Alliance is rather vast, and diverse, so everyone's producing something different, and on different scales, but everyone's producing quality work. There’s no going wrong with whatever opportunities may come your way,” adds Vargas.

Actors aren’t the only party who benefit from our mass auditions. Artistic Director of Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre, Laura Ekstrand comments on how the auditions assist her theatre, “It helps me to meet actors new to the New Jersey market, and also to remember actors I’ve seen in the past that I’d like to keep connected to. Networking with my colleagues before the season begins is also really fun and valuable.”

Artistic Director of Bickford Theatre at Morris Museum, Eric Hafen comments on what he’s seeking when he attends the auditions annually, “I’m looking for specific types of actors for my upcoming season.  When an actor shares monologues, I want he/she to be truthful, tell me a story, and give me a small sampling what they can do.” 

Both Hafen and Ekstrand successfully find and hire actors from the auditions every year.

This year, we were excited to get extra social with the actors and theatres by promoting our social media event hashtag: #njcastme15. Actors creatively shared their experiences on multiple platforms. Take a peek below:

Results are available. You may contact theatres that are interested in your work by means of how they indicated their contact preference (e-mail, call, etc) on the participating theatre sheets.