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NJTA Adopts New Strategic Plan

  • FY19-21 Strategic Priorities. To achieve this mission, New Jersey Theatre Alliance Designed a series of strategic priorities To achieve three goals.
    McCarter Theatre interns and theatre enthusiasts attend a panel discussion about theatre and pop culture at the Lewis Center for the Arts, as part of the 2018 Stages Festival. The panel consisted of artistic and managing director from our member theatres.

In January 2019, New Jersey Theatre Alliance's Board of Trustees adopted a three-year strategic plan for the organization, which sets three main goals:

  • To increase the public’s awareness of, attendance at, and engagement with New Jersey’s professional theatres.
  • To strengthen and support an informed membership by offering a broad range of programs, services, and opportunities that have a wide-ranging impact.
  • To enhance New Jersey Theatre Alliance’s organizational sustainability.

Read all about how we intend to achieve these goals in the Strategic Plan.