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Donate Materials

njGreenRoom is a service that makes it easy for individuals, businesses, theatres, and other organizations to offer items and materials that you no longer need to our non-profit theatres.


Photo from NJ Rep's "Broomstick" demonstrates some of the materials that theatres need, that you might have available to donate through njGreenRoom.

Furniture, props, paint, fabric, electronics, construction materials, office supplies, and more—if you have it, there’s probably a theatre out there that needs it.


If you have something you want to donate, or if you are a theatre in need of materials, please call us at (973) 731-6582 ext. 10. You may also fill out the form below and attach a photo. Donations are tax-deductible, you’ll be helping New Jersey's professional non-profit theatres, and you'll be helping the planet stay green and clean!

Photo: Andrea Gallo from NJ Rep's Broomstick

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