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combined auditions in progress

The next Combined Auditions will likely take place in early 2024. The best way to stay up to date on the timing, location, and registration process is to follow New Jersey Theatre Alliance on Facebook and Instagram, and to join our email list.

About the Combined Auditions

Every year, over two days, we hold auditions for 120 Equity and 120 Non-Equity performers. Member theatres interested in seeking new local talent for their upcoming seasons attend.

Registration opens online, and due to a high volume of responses, audition slots are chosen through a lottery system. This is a fantastic opportunity to be seen by multiple theatres at once. Representatives from our member theatres will follow up with performers directly if they are interested in working with them.

Please note: Not all of our member theatres participate in these auditions, and we will not have a confirmed list of participating theatres until about a week before the auditions.