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Creating Change Roundtable Archives

2023 Recorded Archives

Affirmative Action & HR Practices: A Q&A with HR and DEI Expert

October 5, 2023

This session, led by HR and DEI expert Diane L. Parker and DEI and leadership development consultant Robert Naylor, will offer an overview and discussion of how recent rulings on affirmative action, as well as other current HR and DEI issues, may affect the arts sector. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to submit specific questions on any HR or DEI topic with which they are grappling at the point of registration for Diane and Robert to address.

Maintaining Hope in the Work of Social Justice

March 14, 2023

This session will focus on strategies for tapping into hope and optimism while working for change in a troubled world. Facilitated by Tia James, from Playmakers Rep, and Megan Sandberg-Zakian, author of There Must Be Happy Endings: Toward A Theatre of Honesty and Optimism, this interactive virtual gathering will offer inspiration, camaraderie, and connection.

2022 Recorded Archives

HR Policies with Diane Parker

Avoiding Burnout and Promoting Healing

Hiring & Onboarding: Equity Framework

2021 Recorded Archives

Artwork for the 2021 Creating Change: “This Guiding Light” is shared with the permission of photographer @dolo_foto, poet @poetjasminemans, and artist @layqanunayawar. This mural was made as part of the #MuralsforJustice initiative in Newark, NJ as a testament to the collective power of Newark artists and that of 2020’s global protests.⁠

Creating Change 2021 Opening Keynote

Walking the Walk Statement

Plenary Panel

Language 101

Inequity in Arts Funding

Decolonized Arts

Opening Keynote Day Two

Curating an Inclusive Environment

Caregiver Panel

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