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The Company Theatre Group

Associate Equity Producing Theatre in Hackensack, NJ

Member overview

Founded in 2007, The Company Theatre Group is a non-profit, professional company of actors, writers, and directors in residence at The HackensackPerforming Arts Center, 102 State Street, Hackensack, NJ.

Drawing inspiration from the acclaimed Group Theatre, The Company is dedicated to developing and nurturing artists in an imaginative and safe setting, while at the same time pushing the boundaries of contemporary theatre with its non-choreographed style of production.  Like the Group Theatre, The Company creates heightened authentic human behavior on stage. “Life in Fiction” we like to call it. Truly living in the moment. So, no two performances are ever the same.

The Company creates an entertaining environment and a thought-provoking experience where each audience member can feel like a ‘fly on the wall’, watching the lives and events of real people in real situations unfold and sometimes unravel right before their eyes.

Venue details

  • The Hackensack Performing Arts Center, The Company Theatre Group

    Venue Address:
    102 State Street
    Hackensack, NJ 07601

Upcoming performances

No events found.