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External Resources

Employee Handbooks

Member Theatre Handbooks

Several Alliance Member Theatres have offered to share their employee handbooks with peers. Member theatres working to create their employee handbooks or may reach out to the following individuals to request access to their handbooks and hear about their process.

Sam De La Riva, General Manager, Two River Theater:

Austin Brecht, Director of Human Resources, McCarter Theatre Center:

Stephanie Kingbury, Managing Director, The Growing Stage:

Policy Templates

Coming Soon!

The Alliance HR Working Group is creating downloadable templates for policies including:

  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • Grievance/Reporting Procedure
  • Complaint Form
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Working with Minors Policy

We anticipate that these templates will be available on this site by September 2024.

Equity and Access Statements