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Member overview

Franklin Theatre Works (FTW) is a New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation founded in 2004 as an educational and service organization. Its mission is to enrich the lives of young students by encouraging and increasing their knowledge, appreciation, and practice of all aspects of theatre arts, through the presentation of plays, original works, classes, and workshops. FTW operates as a charitable institution, enhancing the cultural life of children and the community as a whole. The goal of FTW is to educate, inspire and provide an alternative activity during leisure time which will promote self-esteem and discipline while helping to develop life skills such as good listening, keen observation, and sensitivity to the human condition.

Our program hopes to imbue students with a love of learning and reading while honing their thought processes and tools of expression and imagination. The plays and musicals produced are chosen to offer opportunities to experience a wide range of materials in a variety of styles and genres. FTW productions are designed to work symbiotically, where the ideas and skills taught in classes are mastered in performance. These valuable lessons serve students, on and off the stage, whether they continue in the arts or find different interests to pursue. The Ensemble Theatre of New Jersey is the performing arm of FTW consisting of actors and singers ages 16 and older and focused on more mature material and productions.

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