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The Meta Theatre Company

Affiliate Member Theatre in Lebanon, NJ

Member overview

The Meta Theatre Company seeks to abolish systemic oppression through live, interactive performance. Our vision is to build a liberating world that does not yet exist by:

  • Supporting and amplifying the leadership and radical imagination of historically marginalized groups
  • Teaching those who’ve historically had access to power how to develop their radical imagination to abolish systems of oppression

For the last 7 years, we have rehearsed inside/outside the prison walls at a women’s prison in New Jersey. In March 2020, we could no longer rehearse inside due to the pandemic. We continue to write and create with our inside castmates through the mail. Even though part of our cast is incarcerated, we work together and create work that will educate, raise critical consciousness, and promote social action with our audiences. In the past, before the pandemic, our cast produced and created their shows inside the prison walls for their community. Outside the prison walls, we produce and create shows for the general public, high schools, and organizations wanting to create liberating change in their communities.

Upcoming performances

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